BattleTech Legends: Flight of the Falcon

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A Clan Jade Falcon invasion force is en route to eradicate the Steel Wolves"”but its true mission is the subjugation of the Republic of the Sphere. Constrained by an imposed peace for decades, the Falcons embark on their most spectacular war in generations"”and their lust for blood runs hot...

Siblings Malvina and Aleks Hazen are Jade Falcon's best and brightest MechWarriors. Each achieved high command at a young age, and their bond is strong"”but so is their rivalry. While Aleks believes warriors should protect the weak, Malvina is obsessed with dark visions of power and glory. If the leader of the Clan is destined to rule the Inner Sphere, then Malvina's first step toward seizing that role for herself is to conquer the Republic...or utterly destroy it.

On Skye, Tara Campbell faces a major invasion with too few Northwind Highlanders to beat it back. Some in the Planetary Council want to negotiate with the invaders to spare Skye the frightful carnage already wreaked on other worlds by the Falcons' inexorable advance. Now Tara"”the Republic's greatest defender"”finds herself fighting dissension at home when unity is needed in the face of Skye's greatest crisis...

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