BattleTech: Legends: Daughter of the Dragon

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Between the Republic of the Sphere and the Draconis Combine stands the military unit known as the Dragon's Fury. Claiming worlds in the name of the Dragon without House Kurita's support and threatening the entire Inner Sphere, the Fury pursue their leader's agenda with fanatical devotion...

Katana Tormark bears the burden of disgrace. A traitor's actions against her father dishonored her family. Now, to regain the respect the Tormark clan deserves, she openly challenges the Coordinator's policy of nonaggression with the Republic, hoping to push House Kurita into a war"”one the Coordinator apparently doesn't want.

Warlord Mitsura Sakamoto believes Katana is making House Kurita look weak, and he's determined to turn the situation to his advantage. For he has his own designs on ruling the Combine, and he's not going to let the daughter of a disgraced samurai stand in his way...