BattleTech: Legends: A Silence in the Heavens (The Proving Grounds Trilogy, Book One)

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Since the failure of the interplanetary communications system, the decades-long peace brokered by the Republic of the Sphere has begun to splinter. Power-hungry factions—such as the Steel Wolves—are invading vulnerable worlds to establish their own rule.

As a gateway to Terra, the planet of Northwind has strategic value—making it a fiercely-contested target for the emerging factions springing up across the Republic—and Duchess Tara Campbell will not allow her home to fall into enemy hands. Offering military assistance, the Republic sends Paladin Ezekiel Crow and his fully armed BattleMech to help defend Northwind.

MechWarrior Anastasia Kerensky, of the infamous Kerensky Bloodline, has set her sights on Northwind—and what Anastasia wants, Anastasia usually gets. But first, she must contend with the deadly politics of the Steel Wolves before embarking on a conquest that could lead to the very heart of the Republic itself...

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