BattleTech: Kell Hounds Ascendant (A BattleTech Collection)

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The Kell Hounds are one of the most storied mercenary units in the Inner Sphere. Now, New York Times-bestselling author and Kell Hounds creator Michael A. Stackpole goes back to the Hounds' beginnings in these three short novels, when Morgan and Patrick Kell were just two smart, ambitious brothers with a plan to revolutionize the world of mercenaries forever

Not The Way The Smart Money Bets: Morgan and Patrick Kell land on the mercenary planet Galatea to start their new unit, the Kell Hounds. But a few obstacles in their way, including the biggest one, a ruthless crime lord named Haskell Blizzard. But the Kell brothers have faced long odds before, and come out on top every single time. When the chips are down, the smart money is always on the brothers Kell.

A Tiny Bit of Rebellion: Galatea's capital city, Galaport, is threatened by a new enemy: Bishop Arlington Poore, a religious zealot who wants to bring the entire planet under his repressive theocracy and is willing to starve millions to do it. The Kell Hounds now have their first job: put down this uprising, and fast. But when a madman has converted thousands of civilians to his side, how will Morgan and Patrick end his misguided crusade without shedding innocent blood?

A Clever Bit of Fiction: When the Archon hires the Kell Hounds to provide security for war games with Prince Ian Davion's forces in a show of combined strength between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns, Morgan Kell thinks it's a chance to relax while getting to know the mercurial leader of the Federated Suns. But when a powerful group of raiders lands on Zavijava, he finds himself facing two threats stopping the invaders from wrecking the planet while protecting Prince Davion. Trouble is, before the fighting is over, Morgan may have to make a dangerous choicewith the possible fate of three Great Houses hanging in the balance

If Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot…: Morgan Kell returns home to find his paramour, Veronica Matova, has vanished without a trace. Desperate to find her, Morgan tasks the Hounds to track her down—and uncovers a conspiracy to destroy the Kell Hounds’ reputation using Veronica as a hostage. But these shadowy enemies don’t realize who they’re dealing with…and no force in the Inner Sphere will help them once Morgan Kell finds them…

Note: This product contains the .epub (various e-readers) edition of this story.