BattleTech: Hunting Season

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Captain-General Jessica Marik is holding the reborn Free Worlds League together by the might of her indomitable will, and has managed to keep all of the interstellar nation's foes at bay. But even the strongest and most inspiring leaders have chinks in their armor. After a personal tragedy, Jessica vanishes from the public eye, leaving no hand on the tiller of the fractious nation as multiple hostile neighbors drag them into open warfare. Beset on all sides, the League must navigate the flames of war with no direction from the top, leaving Warden-General Nikol Marik, Jessica's youngest child, in control of the League's military forces at a time when the nation needs her mother's leadership the most.

Nikol steps up to the challenge, however, as this is the moment she has been preparing for her entire life. But forces in the shadows seek to capitalize on the chaos and bring the Free Worlds League to its knees from within. The threat of coups and assassins sets the League on edge as Nikol strives to maintain the unity her mother had fought so hard to achieve, even if it means putting herself in danger.

But she is not alone. At her right hand stands General Wilburn Kirkland, commander of the Ducal Guard, Jessica's personal bodyguard regiment. Together they must discover who the League's true enemies are, and hunt them to the ends of the Inner Sphere if necessary...

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