BattleTech: Homeworld Clan Logo Shirt

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Show off your favorite Homeworld Clan logo, and represent BattleTech!

Kai Allard Enterprises (LLC) has located several hundred overstock sizes of the Faction Logo T-Shirts offered in the 2019 Kickstarter Campaign. These T's are full color on black shirts; faction logo on the front, "BattleTech" brand on the back. (Not recommended for wear underneath cooling vests). 

Faction List: 

     Blood Spirit, Burrock, Cloud Cobra, Coyote, Fire Mandrill, Goliath Scorpion, Hells Horses, Ice Hellion, Snow Raven, Star Adder, Mongoose, Widowmaker, and Wolverine

These shirts have limited availability, but may be brought back in a larger reorder depending on sales. Make certain you select the correct Faction and T-shirt size before completing your order!