BattleTech: Historicals: War of 3039

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On 20 August, 3028, Hanse Davion of the Federated Suns launched the most successful Succession War in history. Simultaneously capturing half of the Capellan Confederation, sidelining the power of House Liao for decades, while launching a union that would eventually lead to the formation of the largest, strongest interstellar power since the original Star League--the Federated Commonwealth. However the Fox could not be content with such success and a scant decade later moved to crush his age old enemy, House Kurita. In April 3039, forces of Houses Davion and Steiner moved to slay an apparently weakened Dragon only to find the fury of teeth and claws.

The first in a new series, the Historicals: War of 3039 campaign sourcebook details the action involving every line unit in this pivotal war. Wave maps and full regiment listings convey additional details, while ample campaign rules provide a framework allowing players to replay every laser shot and autocannon blast.