BattleTech: Anthology: Gray Markets

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And business is good in the 31st century as the Third Succession War rages on battlefields ruled by the almighty BattleMech: ten-meter-tall humanoid machines of pure destruction. Continuous warfare between the five Great Houses of the Inner Sphere has led to a steep technological decline, forcing the nobility of these vast interstellar empires to rely on mercenaries to augment their standing armies and gain crucial advantages against their enemies. However, that House nobleman may be paying your unit's bills one day, but sending you straight into a trap tomorrow. BattleMechs may be the kings of the battlefield, but money, power, and machinations are just as important in victory as an autocannon barrage.

This anthology of hard-hitting BattleTech action includes six short stories that demonstrate how Machiavellian nobles, greedy pirates, and desperate mercenary units can change the course of Inner Sphere history. Take up the cause and charge your way through war-torn tales by veteran authors such as Chris Hussey, Philip A. Lee, and Craig A. Reed, Jr.