BattleTech: Fox Tales (The Collected Fox Patrol Stories) by Bryan Young

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Katie Ferraro dreams of nothing more than being a MechWarrior. Orphaned at a young age, she learns everything she can about ’Mech repair from her mentor and adoptive father. On the distant planet of Jerangle, though, her chances of fulfilling her dreams are slim.

But when she finds an abandoned Kit Fox in the jungle, she realizes her dreams might not be so far away. As she goes to work on the ’Mech in secret, she makes a name for herself as a talented tech, but waits for the right moment to reveal herself to be what she always dreamed of: a MechWarrior. With her newfound ’Mech, Katie forms her own mercenary unit. She’s too young to be a leader and too brash to be a tactician, but she’ll do anything in her power to keep her unit together long enough to take their next job.

These five Fox Tales, including a brand-new one published only in this collection, tell the fascinating, infuriating, and funny stories of the rise of the everyone’s favorite new mercenary unit in the Inner Sphere: The Fox Patrol.