BattleTech: Field Manual: Crusader Clans

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We Are The Clans

Nearly three hundred years ago, the Star League was torn apart when the lies and deceits of the petty House Lords launched the Inner Sphere into endless war. The Great Father Aleksandr Kerensky led our forefathers, the remnants of the righteous Star League army, away from that chaotic despotism. In turn, his son Nicholas forged us into the Clans: a society dedicated to becoming the greatest fighting force in all of history. We grew stronger with each generation, awaiting the day when we would return to the Inner Sphere to save it from itself.

Now is the time of the Return. Some among the Clans oppose the Crusaders' campaign of conquest, but we know that true enlightenment can only come to the misguided rabble of the Successor States through total subjugation. We will crush their honorless armies with our OmniMechs and plant the flag of the Clans on sacred Terra.

Only then will the true Star League have returned to the Inner Sphere.

ˆ_Ñéë±Lincoln Osis, ilKhan of the Clans

The first of two volumes on the Clans, Field Manual: Crusader Clans describes the seven most agressive Clans: Blood Spirit, Fire Mandrill, Hell's Horses, Ice Hellion, Jade Falcon, Star Adder and Wolf. This sourcebook describes the tactics, uniforms and battle histories of each Clan, plus special rules that reflect the unique capabilities of each Galalxy, new weapons, equipment, exclusive Crusader BattleMechs and more.

Note: This PDF is based on a scan of the original 1998 printing.