BattleTech: Field Manual: Capellan Confederation

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FIELD MANUAL: Capellan Confederation (PDF)

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Ravaged during the Succession Wars and poorly goverened by paranoid Chancellors, the Capellan Confederation has languished at the mercy of its more powerful neighbors for centuries. However, the time of Xin Sheng has arrived. A new birth. The devious and brilliant Sun-Tzu Liao leads his people into a glorious era of national pride and prosperity. Through subterfuge and warfare, he is driven to reclaim everything the Confederation has lost.

BattleTech Field Manual: Capellan Confederation provides an in-depth look at the rising power of House Liao, including profiles on every Confederation regiment and the regiments of the newly conquered St. Ives Compact. Special rules reflecting the unique abilities of each regiment are included, along with new equipment and 'Mechs exclusive to the Capellan Confederation.

NOTE: This PDF is a scan of a print book.