BattleTech: Lostech Dice (Series 1)

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Roll Like Royalty!

Straight from the vaults of ComStar! A collection of heritage, faction-flavored dice originally meant as wedding tokens for the ceremony of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner. Pulled at the last moment when a ComStar adept realized they couldn't yet reveal the existence of the Clans!

Each precision-edged set of six (6) dice is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, with pips instead of numbers and the "6" replaced with a laser-etched faction logo of a House, Clan, or legendary Mercenary Command. It comes with two 16mm dice anodized in a primary color for the faction, and four 12mm dice anodized in the faction's secondary color. The Diameter Case is also machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, with strong magnetic clasps holding on the lid, anodized in the faction's primary color and laser-etched with the faction logo. 


Note: The initial release is limited in quantity, and will be restocked depending on the enthusiasm for the product.