BattleTech: Elements of Treason: Duty by Craig A. Reed, Jr.

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Once the founding capital and a vital planet in the Lyran Commonwealth, Arcturus has been held by the Clans for more than two decades, most recently by the Jade Falcons. But when the Falcons suddenly abandon the planet in early 3151, Arcturus is left to fend for itself, with no support from Archon Trillian Steiner or former-Commonwealth worlds.

For Hauptmann-General Sarah Regis, commander of the Twenty-Sixth Arcturan Guards, returning home means a chance to free Arcturus from Clan control. However, the planet is not the same one she remembers. Instead, she finds a weary population fractured by internal strife, starvation, and the remnants of Jade Falcon cruelty.

To save Arcturus from itself, Sarah must forge a new path forward, one that offers her people something they haven't known in many years: hope. But many wish to see her fail, and the space around Arcturus teems with predators seeking to destroy everything she has fought for. Sarah’s last hope to move Arcturus into a brighter future may actually lie in its past…if she can stay alive long enough to make it happen…

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