BattleTech: Divided We Fall

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At long last, the Clans' campaign for the Inner Sphere is coming to a head. Khan Alaric Wolf is preparing for his biggest moves yetand is willing to enlist just about anyone who can help him achieve his ultimate goal"”the conquest of Terra.

To that end, he sends one of his own on a special assignment. Marotta Kerensky is a Clan Wolf warrior unlike any other"”the perfect candidate for a mission unlike any other: convince the legendary Wolf's Dragoons to rejoin the Clan they originally came from.

But when Marotta reaches the mercenary unit, he finds them quite different from the storied force of a century ago. Times have changed since then, and the Dragoons have as wellor have they? Driven to accomplish his mission at any cost, Marotta allies with a Dragoons officer on a risky gambit that may help him deliver what his Khan wantsor tear Wolf's Dragoons apart forever.

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