BattleTech: ComStar

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As the Star League was dying on the eve of the Succession Wars, the House Lords agreed on one final action. At the suggestion of General Kerensky they appointed Jerome Blake as Minister of Communications and charged him with repairing the damaged HPG network. This would prove a momentous decision.

Within a few short years after Kerensky's Exodus, Blake and his followers had seized control of Terra and declared themselves neutral in the coming conflicts. The newly-named ComStar evolved into a pseudo-religious organization, with Blake as its divine founder, that positioned itself as the keeper of technology and the preserver of humanity's future.

For nearly 300 years, ComStar watched as the Succession Wars ripped apart the Inner Sphere and technology was lost, waiting for the day when they would step in to save humanity from a new dark age. But the 31st century changed all of that.

This sourcebook presents the history and inner workings of ComStar, including the devastating schism that struck the sect in the days following their victory over the Clans at Tukayyid.