BattleTech: Clan Sibko Athletic T-shirts

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 Show Your Sibko Pride!

Clan Jade FalconClan Jade FalconIf you've--If you have--worn through your sibko-issued gear, or simply lost it as isorla, the merchant caste of Clan Diamond Shark has got you covered. Recently transported from the Homeworlds: Clan Sibko Athletic Shirts! These athletic T's are black ink on heather-gray shirts, logo on the front, "Training Mech" line art on the back; good for your own athletic uses or dressing your most recent bondsman. (Elemental Sizes have limited availability.)

Sibko List: 

  • Clan Wolf (Strana Mechty)
  • Clan Jade Falcon (Ironhold)
  • Clan Ghost Bear (Arcadia)
  • Clan Smoke Jaguar (Huntress)


These shirts will remain on the store depending on demand. Make certain you select the correct Academy and T-shirt size before completing your order!