BattleTech Adventures: Ghosts of Odeebah

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Echoes of the Word

It’s 3152. Clan Wolf has taken Terra, and many of the Great Houses are in turmoil. As the Republic of the Sphere collapses once and for all, the fallout even affects those who lurk in the shadows. On an otherwise insignificant planet, a mysterious plague outbreak hearkens back to the horrors of the Jihad. But is this truly the work of the fallen Word of Blake, or is something else going on? The only answers may lie amid the ancient ruins of dead worlds.

BattleTech Adventures: Ghosts of Obeedah takes players into a dangerous hunt for one of the last great secrets of the Jihad. From ground zero of a lethal pandemic to the wreckage of long-fallen societies, join the search between the “safer” havens of a universe at war, and find out what happened to the fanatical monsters whose deadly legacy still haunts the Inner Sphere to this very day. This adventure includes biographies on several key personalities, special rules, and adventure Tracks designed for use with BattleTech, A Time of War: The BattleTech Role-Playing Game, A Time of War Companion, and MechWarrior: Destiny, as well as data and record sheets for key worlds, units, and non-player characters unique to this story.