BattleTech: Adventures: Empires Aflame

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There May be Some Turbulence...

The year is 3095. Ten years after the Jihad, peace has finally reached most of the Inner Sphere. Within the newly created Republic of the Sphere, the post-war drawdowns have made industry of disarmament. But even here, not every mission goes smoothly--for, sometimes, the universe itself has its own agenda!

BattleTech Adventures: Empires Aflame takes players into a whole new adventure, when a misjump during a routine mission strands the crew far from home. Can your team discover where they've come, and escape to tell the tale? Empires Aflame includes a guide to a whole new area of BattleTech lore, complete with personal biographies on several key players, and adventure Tracks designed for use with A Time of War: The BattleTech Role-Playing Game and A Time of War Companion, as well as special rules, map, and Record Sheets for key non-player characters unique to this story.