BattleTech: A Tiny Spot of Rebellion (A Kell Hounds Story, #2) by Michael A. Stackpole

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MechWarrior brothers Morgan and Patrick Kell have successfully faced their first challenge in forming their new mercenary unit The Kell Hounds, toppling a criminal kingpin from atop his illegal empire on Galatea.

But while enjoying their recent success, the brothers Kell, along with the capital city of Galaport, come under threat by a new enemy"”Bishop Arlington Poore, a religious zealot who wants to bring the entire planet under his repressive theocracy"”and is willing to starve millions to do it.

Soon enough, the newly-formed Kell Hounds have their first job"”put down this uprising as quickly as possible. But when a madman has converted thousands of civilians to his side, how will Morgan and Patrick quash his misguided crusade without shedding innocent blood?

Note: This product contains both the ebook (various e-readers) and .mobi (Kindle) editions of this story.