BattleTech: BattleCorps: Fiction: The Edge of the Storm

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The Inner Sphere is a realm of constant combat, as the Successor States to the mighty Star League vie for the ancient and conflicted First Lord's throne. Their ancient feuds are thrown into even greater conflict with the coming of the Clans in 3050, invaders from beyond the Periphery.

Not even the hundreds of worlds of a Successor State can field an army large enough for their leaders' egos, and so legions of mercenary armies ply their trade across the Inner Sphere. From single paladin MechWarriors in a single BattleMech to mutli-regiment mercenary brigades, soldiers of fortune often turn the tide.

The band known as Lennox's Light Horse is one such band. And on the eve of one of the largest conflicts in the Inner Sphere's history--the Word of Blake Jihad--Andrew Lennox's mercenaries are just trying to survive and prosper.

The Edge of the Storm gathers four previously-published short stories from "The Gulf of Reason," "Sound and Fury," "Monster" and "Toil and Trouble."

Jason Schmetzer is the author of more than 40 published short stories and novellas, as well as four BattleTech sourcebooks and a novel. His work crosses genre and game boundaries, working with both print and electronic publications. He holds an MFA in fiction writing and works during the day as an advertising copywriter. He is also editor of the BattleCorps fiction website.

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