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It is the year 3027, and the Inner Sphere is at war. Thousand of worlds, controlled by the feuding lords of the Successor States. Centuries of near-constant warfare have left the feudal realms exhausted and near collapse, but none will surrender.

National armies clash on hundreds of worlds, and proxies bought for coin--mercenaries--fight on countless more. Mighty MechWarriors lead their BattleMechs like the ancient knights of old, but they are not the only soldiers. Fusion-powered tanks, heavily armored and nearly as powerful as 'Mechs, roam the battlefields, and few are as deadly as Halsten's Brigade, in the service of House Steiner's Lyran Commonwealth. Even fewer are as deadly as gunner Sniper Jones, the man even MechWarriors fear.

Snipercollects two previously-published short stories from "Sniper" and "Panzer."

Jason Schmetzer is the author of more than 40 published short stories and novellas, as well as four BattleTech sourcebooks and a novel. His work crosses genre and game boundaries, working with both print and electronic publications. He holds an MFA in fiction writing and works during the day as an advertising copywriter. He is also editor of the BattleCorps fiction website.

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