BattleTech: Eclipse (A BattleTech Novella) by Jason Schmetzer

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It is 3072, and holy Jihad rages in the Inner Sphere. Soon after they launched their Jihad in 3067, the mystical Word of Blake sprung out from their base on Terra and claimed dozens of worlds, creating a Word of Blake Protectorate. While many of those worlds joined voluntarily, some others hosted resistance movements. On one such world, Ruchbah, the resistance hired mercenary help.

Captain Jeremiah Youngblood and his Crescent Hawks have an enviable legacy to live up to. Not only are they trying to find their own place in the Inner Sphere, outside of the deep shadows cast by the elite Kell Hounds, but some still remember another Jeremiah Youngblood and another group of Crescent Hawks. Can the new live up to the reputation of the old? Can they survive, almost alone on a hostile world where the Word of Blake holds almost every advantage?

Read Eclipse now and find out--available wherever BattleTech fiction is sold.

Note: This zip file contains one .epub file and one .mobi file.