Shadowrun: Missions: 07-03: Special Investigation Unit

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On the Case!

Collecting evidence. Visiting medical examiners. Questioning suspects. The cops may be a pain in shadowrunners' hoops, but what kid didn't play cops and robbers when they were growing up? Sometimes playing on the cops side, even? Now they have a chance to play for real. There's been a death in the Chicago/Milwaukee sprawl"”well, several, but one that got the attention of Detective Nick Ryder. It's the sort of case he'd have trouble looking into alone, so he's turned to the shadows. Runners will have the chance to crack the case"”right down to the difficult work of bringing the perp to justice.

Special Investigation Unit is the latest installment of the Shadowrun: Missions adventures set in Chicago. Whether played as a standalone mission or the third job in the current season, it offers runners the challenge to see if their skills are on par with the people who are always chasing them.

SRM 07-03: Special Investigation Unit is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, though plot elements can be used with Shadowrun: Anarchy with some adaptation of character statistics.