BattleTech: T-Shirt: Raven Alliance

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BattleTech is all about the combat-forged avatars of war storming alien worlds as miniatures move and dice tumble on game tables. Yet the conquests don’t happen in a vacuum. Instead, your elite MechWarriors hold the banner of their star empire high as they lay claim to greater worlds and glory.

The Great Houses. Minor Powers. Periphery realms. Bandit kingdoms. A legion of Mercenary outfits. And of course, the warrior-bred Clans. These faction logo T-shirts give you the chance to hold your banner high! Each comes with the chosen logo large on the front, with the BattleTech logo on the back.

Stock: This is our first time offering faction t-shirts in this fashion. As such, we’ve been conservative on quantities. However, these are made in the U.S. and Silkworm has been a stalwart company to work with, always willing to run with us when needed. As such, if sales significantly exceed expectations, we can restock within 21 days.