Shadowrun: Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book

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"I've got a job for you."

"Call me Mr. Johnson. I'm like a fixer for the corps. I know everybody who's anybody from suit-and-tie boardroom predators to the lowliest street-level scavengers. I know the best sprawl sites for scoring new talent, exchanging goods without interruption or hiding out from the assassins on your tail. I like to ensure that the people I hire can execute a well-planned black ops job and keep their faces from being splashed all over the screamsheets. My files on you say that you're right for what I have in mind. Interested?"

Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book provides dozens of locations and contacts for both Shadowrun gamemasters and players. For the gamemaster, it includes a wealth of simple adventure ideas and street encounters that can be randomly chosen and run. It also features detailed advice on setting up and handling shadowruns, negotiating with shadowrunners and optional rules for low and high-level campaigns, reputation, prejudice and more. Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book contains game statistics for Shadowrun, Third Edition.

ISBN (print edition): 1-932564-13-6
Pages: 124