Shadowrun Limited Editions (Sale!)

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Limited Edition Style!

At the end of 2018, our warehouse crew searched up every Limited Edition book that Catalyst has done over the past several years, unearthing a small treasure trove of these high-quality hardbacks. Each one is cased in a red* (faux) leather binding, with a debossed image and gold foil title. Perfect for Shadowrunners who enjoy that extra touch of excellence.

These books originally cost $70 each. But to help people fill out their Fifth Edition collections, we are going to release them for the anniversary year at $50, and include the searchable PDF as well. That's a value of around $90!

Included in this offer:

Street Grimoire : Magic and mayhem in the sprawl! 
Chrome Flesh : Augmentations available at the local Bod Shop!      
Data Trails : The matrix, for veteran avatars only!      
Rigger 5.0 : Steering wheels are so 2049!      
Run Faster : The Shadowrunner's companion!      
Howling Shadows : Awakened creatures, and where to find them!      
Court of Shadows : The first Shadworun alternate setting book!      
Forbidden Arcana : Advanced Magic Rules!    (24 Copies left!)   
Street Lethal : Because you can't have enough guns!      


Buy the entire set, we will send you a $50 Gift Code as a Thank You!

These will be offered only while supplies last!


Notes: Court of Shadows comes in an Emerald Green Limited Cover, as befitting the Fey.