Shadowrun: Legends: The Terminus Experiment

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When Rachel Meyer's boyfriend Warren Storey is abducted by a mysterious party, she hires shadowrunners to find him and bring him back.

But the runners uncover a plot by one Doctor Oslo Wake to transform all metahumans into the walking dead. Wake is developing a new strain of the virus that still causes vampirism, and Warren has become a test subject to create these unstoppable creatures. If Rachel is going to save him, she'll need help from even more powerful people than the runners she hired.

Enter Martin de Vries, vampire"”and vampire hunter. Along with the secretive family Warren was hiding from her, Rachel, Martin, her shadowrunners, and a high-powered strike force launch an all-or-nothing assault on the fortified underground laboratory where Warren is being held captive. But the secret hidden there is even worse than Rachel and Martin fearedand if it gets out, it could mean the end of the world