Shadowrun: Legends: Shadowboxer

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Too Hot To Handle

For Two Bears, a dwarf mercenary accustomed to running the shadows, the job sounded like an easy way to make a huge stack of cash: track down and discover the meaning of the word "IronHell." But when the decker he approaches for help gets her brain fried on the Matrix, Two Bears knows he's up to his stout little shoulders in drek.

Too Cool To Give Up

Realizing that IronHell must be the title of something - or somebody - very powerful, Two Bears looks for some backup to make sure he gets through this job alive. He lines up a street troll called Thumbs, a slick decker named Silver, a suit-wearing samurai called Delphia, and Moonfeather, a magic-wielding disciple of the Cat totem. Together they blast their way through a stream of megacorp] operatives, giant meta-beasts, and high-tech pirates, desperate to unravel the incredible secret of IronHell - before it unravels the world....