Shadowrun: Legends: Changeling

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By 2053, the return of magic to the world has filled the streets of Chicago with beings and creatures from mythology. For those in the politically dominant mega-corporations, the underworld, and everywhere in between, it is a time of chaos and wonder"”and incredible opportunities ripe for the taking.

For fifteen-year-old Peter Clarris, transformed by his Awakened genes from a human into a troll, the forces of magic are a curse to be broken with science. Torn from the comfortable biotech fast-track of his childhood, he becomes a pariah, shunned by friends and strangers alike. Now, living among the outcasts"”the underclass of orks and trolls, the criminal societies of gangsters and shadowrunners"”he grows up pursuing the elusive means of controlling his own genes, and ultimately his own destiny.

But the Windy City's shadows are dark and deep, and when Peter comes across a real chance to fulfill his dream of reversing the change that was forced upon him, it may cost more than he's willing to pay"”before he's through, it may cost him his life

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