BattleTech: Shrapnel, Issue #17 (The Official BattleTech Magazine)

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Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine is your spotlight for tales of brutal, one-on-one BattleMech action in the no-holds-barred gladiatorial arenas of the 31st century and beyond!

A patsy expected to take a fall must utilize every asset at his disposal to avoid becoming another Solaris tragedy when backroom intrigue spills into the arena. A law enforcement agent with ties to organized crime must fight an unsanctioned duel to help stage a daring rescue. Coming out of retirement, a washed-up has-been with an abysmal win-loss record seeks one last bout for a final chance at glory.

In this issue, you’ll begin your journey on the Game World of Solaris VII, where two gladiators must take dangerous risks for a shot at revenge in the name of the Federated Suns. You’ll witness a debt-collection attempt gone wrong, where survival is more valuable than seizing a ’Mech as collateral. And you’ll blast your way into the first installment of the serial novel Violent Inception, by Russell Zimmerman.

Whether you begin in unranked matches in the Reaches, or you’ve worked your way up to the famed Class Six arenas, Solaris is where legends are made and fortunes come to an abrupt end. And the best way to climb the ladder to become the Grand Champion is to arm yourself with advice on survival and ’Mech-scale melee weapons, Stable Digests, technical readouts, and more—all by defending-champion BattleTech authors and some new challengers in the arena:

Russell Zimmerman

Michael J. Ciaravella

Tom Leveen

Mark Hill

Chris Hussey

Devin Ramsey

Craig A. Reed, Jr.

Robin Briseño

Matthew Cross

Daniel Isberner

Matt Larson

Wunji Lau

Lorcan Nagle

Eric Salzman

Zac Schwartz

Stephen Toropov

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