BattleTech: Kickstarter Salvage Box (On Special!)

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Battlefield Salvage!

This blind-purchase Salvage Box contains one of the initial 15 OmniMechs created as part of our recent Clan Invasion Kickstarter campaign. Originally made to create parity between the Inner Sphere Lance ForcePacks and Clan Star ForcePacks, their popularity has convinced us to continue producing these great blind-purchase items. 

Each Salvage Box contains a one fully-assembled OmniMech randomly selected from the following list:

Executioner, Timber Wolf, Nova, Mongrel, Adder, Dire Wolf, Stormcrow, Shadow Cat, Mist Lynx, Summoner, Gargoyle, Mad Dog, Hellbringer, Viper, and Ice Ferret.     

NOTE: This salvage box will remain on sale until our regular Clan Invasion Salvage Box returns to stock.