BattleTech: Salvage Bits (Miscast Component Bags) [wave 2]

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Assemble Your Forces!

Production lines are far from perfect, even in the 31st century. Which is how Battle Salvage, Inc., a junior division of Kai Allard Enterprises, acquired a contract with workshops producing both the Black Knight Clanbuster and Stormcrow-TC to sweep up the cast-off pieces and parts for the first battlefield salvage kit. (Unconfirmed reports claim there may be salvaged items from other Mechs, specifically the UrbanMech and Crusader.)

*This package contains miscasts, imperfect parts, and other remnants. Modify your existing TO&E, build something completely new from scratch, or just litter the landscape with a graveyard of previous battles. Each bag comes unassembled and unpainted - and includes a random assortment of approximately 10 pieces which may include torsos, arms, legs, hands and heads.

Note: This product will be listed on an as-available basis, and relies specifically on workshop parts that failed QC inspection. 

New premium figures are being produced right now, and should return to the store very soon!