BattleTech: Record Sheet: Total Warfare Style: Phoenix Upgrades

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Classic BattleTech Total Warfare Style Record Sheet: Phoenix Upgrade (complete) provides more than 200 filled-out record sheets for the standard 'Mech designs used by the Clans and detailed in Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: Project Phoenix, spanning from the classic versions common during the Succession Wars to variants utilizing the newest weapons and equipment as presented in Total Warfare.

As the FedCom Civil War swung into high gear, upstart companies--such as Vicore Industries--began to upgrade centuries old machines with a new look, combined with newer technologies. Almost single handedly, Vicore started a revolution that spread even to the Clans that provided a cheap means to bring "new" BattleMechs to the field commanders desperate for more assets. Now that revolution continues as the latest, cutting edge technologies--from the Combine's Heavy PPC to the Hell's Horses Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle, Compact Engines to Improved Jump Jets--are deployed with a new wave of variant Phoenix designs.

NOTE: As per the visual style of Technical Readout: 3039, if a record sheet variant is based upon an "unseen" image, a silhouette of the base Technical Readout: Project Phoenix illustration is used. If a record sheet variant is based upon a "reseen" image and an illustration for that specific variant exists, it is used. If an illustration for a record sheet variant based upon a "reseen" image is not available, the illustration of the base Technical Readout: Project Phoenix illustration is used.

For more information on "unseen" and "reseen" illustrations, see The Developer's Say included in the PDF and Free Sample PDF.