BattleTech: Quick Strike Cards: Technical Readout 3050

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Quick-Strike: Technical Readout: 3050 Unit Cards (PDF)
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Tools for the Quick-Strike Commander

The year is 3050, and mankind is at war. At the pinnacle of military technology is an avatar of armor and weapons: the BattleMech. From the Deep Periphery comes a new and powerful invader: the Clans!

Quick-Strike: Technical Readout: 3050 Unit Cards provides players with the means to create easy-to-handle-and-store data cards featuring all the vehicles, BattleMechs and fighter designs from Technical Readout: 3050. Each card includes the ˆ_Ñé_Mech's image and gameplay stats for use in BattleTech miniature wargames using the Quick-Strike Rules set found in Strategic Operations, or can be used as reference cards for games using the BattleForce rules set found in the same core rulebook.