BattleTech: Legends: Patriot's Stand

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Under assault and ill-equipped, Alkalurops has come apart since the loss of its communications grid and the inability of the Republic of the Sphere to re-establish it. But in a universe of powerful players, a leader has to grab power fast if she's going to survive...

Grace O'Malley's people are valiantly making a stand against Hansen's Roughriders, a band of mercenaries destroying everything in their path. Badly outnumbered, her forces need real BattleMechs operated by trained MechWarriors. And they're not going to be easy to afford, especially since the big mine owners refuse to offer any funds for planetary defense. But Grace will not surrender her homeland, no matter what the price.

Even though the ragtag locals are putting up a surprisingly good fight, Loren Hansen remains confident he can defeat them. What he doesn't count on is an opponent determined to write her planet's history in the scorched wreckage of the battlefield...

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