Shadowrun: SIXTH WORLD Sprawl Fashion T-shirt

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Banned for Casual Fridays by most megacorps, the Sprawl Fashion T celebrates Sixth World culture!

A full, sublimated dye T-shirt, this first selection shows off Benjamin Gilletti's amazing artwork from the upcoming Shadowrun Sixth world cover. Printed on a 100%-poly shirt, the front is full-color and wraps to the back with the same image in a gradient urban gray presentation. Looks great coming and going!

This shirt will be offered in a limited run and might not restock. We are sorry, but currently our supplier is unable to provide any size larger than 3X. 


Note: The sublimated dye process will show a few small white voids. These are not a defect, and tend to disappear in the larger art sub-dye allows. The shirt runs about an inch longer than our usual brand.