Shadowrun: Shadow Stock: Ingentis Athletes

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Falls from Grace

Once they were at the top of their field, or on the way there. Pro athletes, looking to make bank through fat contracts and endorsement deals, only to have their careers derailed by serious injuries and maybe a bad choice or two. Once their value on the playing field is done, they’re left high and dry, cut loose by the teams and corps who used to love them.

So when you’re income is gone but you’ve still got some physical skills, where else do you go to make a living but the shadows? Ingentis Athletes rounds up ten characters, giving their backgrounds and game statistics, with plot hooks that can help them be used in a wide variety of campaigns. On top of that, each character is a troll variant, so the book has information on making troll variant characters, including giants, fomorians, cyclops, and minotaurs. Broaden your game and character options with this book!

Ingentis Athletes is part of the Shadow Stock line of books for Shadowrun, Sixth World, offering a selection of characters and rules for using them in your game.