Shadowrun: Blackbird Two: Combined Exercises by Russell Zimmerman

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Dashiell Riggins was just another hardscrabble kid growing up in rural Washington, doing everything a normal teenager would do—hanging out with friends, swimming in the river during summer break, keeping an uneasy peace with the powerful ork family that controlled their hometown.

Until one day changed everything; the day Dash goblinized. Transformed into a troll metavariant, Dash is now even more of an outsider. Sports allows him to find a place in his hometown, until another world-shaking event shatters his carefully built life again, forcing Dash to leave everything behind and start over.

And in the Sixth World, there’s only one place where a person can remake themselves into someone else: stronger, tougher, faster, better than they were before. Dash signs on the dotted line and sets out on a journey that will transforms his life from that day on…

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