BattleTech: Emerald Sword (A BattleTech Novella)

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For Douglas, Jade Falcon Elemental cadet, there is no choice—he must succeed in becoming a warrior or die trying. Unfortunately, he is perilously close to falling—right out of his sibko. Consistently at the bottom of his class, everyone around him—from his trainers to his fellow sibkin—believes he will not survive his Trial of Position, and should quit before he is killed.

But Douglas knows he is destined to be a Jade Falcon warrior.

And when he meets a man with a checkered past who promises to show him the true ways of the warrior, Douglas embarks on a dangerous path that might bring him the victory he craves…or utterly destroy him in a brutal trial where sudden death is everywhere…

Note: This purchase contains two files; an epub version for use with most e-readers, and a .mobi version for use on the Amazon Kindle.